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We empower students to achieve their academic dreams by giving them the tools to succeed. There are more financial barriers to education than ever, but we remove those barriers to make education accessible for all.


Reimagining the future of student funding.

The process of searching for funding opportunities is inaccessible for the average student. We’re building a platform that makes this process easy and equitable so that everyone who wants an education gets one.

We connect students with relevant funding and job opportunities, walk them through the application process, and help them craft winning applications to maximize your chances of success.

Our hope is that one day students will never have to apply for scholarships or bursaries ever again.

Through a network of private donors, FundQi is also building an endowment fund to provide exclusive funding opportunities to further our goal of universal education.

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Students helping students succeed.

Our platform provides a host of services that help students overcome financial insecurity, including:

Donor Relations & Endowment

We keep in constant contact with our donor partners to understand what they’re looking for in an applicant. Our endowment fund grows every year to help more and more students cover their tuition costs.

Curated Opportunity Matching

A proprietary algorithm matches you with funding opportunities that area perfect fit. You'll discover relevant opportunities like internships, scholarships, bursaries and grants that you actually have a good chance of winning.

Application Support

Filling out applications is a skill that we’ve mastered to help you maximize your chances of success. Get 1-on-1 support with applications from experienced scholarship winners who know what it takes to win.

OUR MIssion

Education without financial hardship

No-one should ever have to choose between buying a textbook and buying their next meal. Unfortunately for students from low-income families, including radicalized, Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and students with disabilities, these kinds of choices are all too common. We give disenfranchised students access to opportunities that could change their lives.

We've helped students win over $540,000 in non-repayable funding opportunities.

Alexandra Sullivan
won $1,500 - why unions matter contest
“I really like that FundQi found me an opportunity that allowed me to be creative."
David Oladejo
Won $5,000 + Paid internship - WILLIAM PEYTON AWARD
“Engineering is tough and expensive. FundQi made it easy for me to focus on my studies and pay my tuition this year. Thanks!”
Sarah Jane
won $2,000 - women in business scholarship
“It was so simple because FundQi categorized anentire scholarship roster specific to me.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FundQi?

FundQi is a service that matches students to relevant scholarships, bursaries, and even paid-internship opportunities, that they're most likely to win.

We then show students a step-by-step process how to navigate through the application process.

Afterwards, we provide students with 1-on-1 assistance to create a powerful applications to maximize their chances of success.

Why do students need FundQi?

1) It could pay bills and open new doors: Students  win money for school, get the internship they've always dreamed of, and expand their knowledge through networking with conference tickets and business start-up programs. FundQi gives students the freedom to focus on what matters.

2) We save students time:
Students, don’t have countless hours of free time to search the internet looking for opportunities. We find unique opportunities curated specially for them so they can spend more time on what matters - their education.

3) We help students with the application process:
Before students hand in their application to the scholarship provider, our experts provide guidance to maximize students chances of success. Grant editors typically cost anywhere from $20-$50 per hour, but with FundQi, we have studnets covered.

Do all students win something?

When students use our services and follow the guidance we provide, they will likely win an opportunity. However, we cannot provide an exact statistic on your specific chances of success for the following reasons:

1. Each student is eligible for different opportunities: Every student comes from a different background, and is eligible for different opportunities, that have different requirements.

2. Effort: Students that apply for more than one opportunity and follow our advice are more likely to win than students who are not proactive.

Can students win a scholarship they're not a minority, low-income, or of a specific gender?

Yes. Many scholarship donors are all inclusive regardless of students, race, income level, or gender among many other attributes,.

Each provider wants to help different students for different reasons. 

For example: One scholarship may only select students who win science fairs. Another scholarship may only select students with the highest GPA. A different scholarship may only select students who make the coolest video, and so on.

Find opportunities for you.

It's time to further your education.

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