About Us

Everyone deserves equal access to opportunity.

Healthcare, welfare, and primary & secondary education are all institutions that the government respects and supports as a right. However, post-secondary education is largely ignored, limiting opportunities for thousands of Canadians. Universities and colleges are subsidized by the government, but these subsidies only go so far.

Tuition costs have skyrocketed in recent years resulting in $28 billion in student debt - $5 billion more than the GDP of Botswana. As one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Canada should not be experiencing a student debt crisis of this magnitude.

While there are millions of dollars in non-repayable funding opportunities available, accessing these opportunities is nearly impossible for students that need them most. Marginalized and low-income students are forced to work while studying to make ends meet. They don’t have the time that’s needed to search for funding and navigate through pages of eligibility criteria for a scholarship, bursary, or grant.

To make matters worse, the application process is daunting, especially for students experiencing more personal issues than the average student. These forces compound each other and cause otherwise able students to fall through the cracks.

We're Helping Eliminate Barriers to Education

With students paying a small levy on tuition, we can offer students a quality scholarship and internship service. Through small levies on tuition, students were able to access high-quality services that would otherwise be unaffordable. A levy often costs less than a pizza per student, but to students who need financial assistance, it creates an opportunity for them to pursue their education without financial barriers.

The purpose of the levy is to make the service affordable and accessible to those who need it. 

Similar to school buss passes, health and dental plans, WUSC, and others, these services are funded through levies so that every student in need can get the support they need.

How We Started

At age 16, our founder Zuberi was forced into homelessness and university was far out of reach. Until one day, with the help of some amazing high school guidance counsellors, Zuberi discovered scholarships. After figuring out the application process and applying for multiple opportunities, Zuberi was able to turn his life around and earn over $50,000 in scholarships towards fulfilling his dream: attending Carleton University. For his efforts along his journey so far, Zuberi has been awarded the Rotman Entrepreneur of the Year Award as well as named Top 20 Under 20 by Plan Canada. As a Black, at-risk youth, Zuberi knew that winning these scholarships saved his life - That’s why he made it his mission to help others like him achieve the same success:

“Once I graduated, I knew I had to do everything I could to help others not only afford their education, but to realize that their dreams are within reach. Education changed my life and it’s my goal for every student to realize it can change theirs.”

While studying at Carleton, Zuberi devoted his free time to helping students find and win scholarships of their own. Zuberi was working long hours to serve other fellow students helping them win scholarships - often serving upwards of 5 clients per day and working 1-on-1 with them to find scholarships. Between liaising with students, setting up appointments, and curating individualized lists of funding opportunities, Zuberi was overwhelmed with demand. Students evidently needed help but the current model wasn’t sustainable, and he recognized that something needed to change.

Not only was Zuberi overwhelmed with demand and completely under-resourced – he also realized that the low-income students who need him most couldn’t afford his service. He needed to create a scalable solution that could help every student overcome their financial burdens. 

That’s when FundQi was born - a scalable solution to help all students get the funding they need through scholarships, grants, internships & more. Through the online platform, students can find unique funding opportunities for themselves and also receive 1-on-1 guidance on application processes and essay writing to maximize their chances of success.

FundQi has now helped students win over $1M in non-repayable funding opportunities.

What Sets FundQi Apart

Similar services to FundQi exist, but none of them are as secure or affordable. For example, free scholarship matchers are are able to offer their service for free by selling your personal data. We believe that this is wrong. In our terms of service, it’s there in writing that we’ll never sell your information.

FundQi also offers application assistance and essay editing, a service that isn’t offered by our competitors. When you submit an essay for review on our platform, you’ll get personalized one-on-one assistance from an experienced specialist. What really sets FundQi apart is how accessible it is for everyone.