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FundQi is the result of students joining forces to enact a common vision.

The vision to create a service that would empower all students to acquire non-repayable funding opportunities that will help them achieve their education and career goals.

The FundQi platform is a movement to make education easily accessible for all by relieving the financial burden that students face.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FundQi?

FundQi is a service that matches you to relevant scholarships, bursaries, and even paid-internships, that you’re most likely to win.

We then show you a step-by-step process how to navigate through the application process.

Afterwards, we’ll help edit your scholarship or bursary essay so you can hand in your application with confidence.

Why do I need FundQi?

1) It could pay your bills: Many students win a couple thousand dollars, get their tuition covered for the year, or even get their entire education paid for with these opportunities. It can make a huge difference in your life and give you the freedom to focus on what matters.

2) We save you time:
You need opportunities that are relevant specifically to you or are not that competitive. As a student, you don’t have countless hours of free time to search the internet looking for opportunities, let us find the right ones for you. 

3) We increase your chances of winning: The old adage “apply for everything”  likely won't yield you any results in terms of winning an opportunity. Your time would be better off spent applying to a few opportunities that you’re most likely to win. Our software automatically rank-orders the opportunities you’re most likely to win. 

4) We'll help edit your application: Our experts will revise your application before you hand it in to your scholarship provider. Grant editors typically cost anywhere from $20-$50 per hour, but with FundQi, we have you covered.

Will I actually win something?

If you use our services and follow the guidance we provide, you will likely win an opportunity. However, currently, we cannot give you an exact statistic on your specific chances of success for the following reasons:

1. Each student is eligible for different opportunities: Because every student comes from a different background, and is eligible for different opportunities, it is impossible to calculate a statistical figure on this topic at this time.

2. Effort: Students that apply for more than one opportunity, improve themselves, and follow our advice have a high chance of winning. Students that are not proactive have lower chances of success.

What are the eligibility requirements to win opportunities?

Eligibility requirements vary depending on the type of opportunity you’re applying for, be it a scholarship, bursary, grant etc.

For example, one scholarship may require you to be between the ages of 18-25, and studying Chemistry. Whereas, another scholarship may only require you to be studying Chemistry. 

Some of the most common eligibility requirements are related to your Major/Program, Level of Education (secondary or postsecondary), Grade or Year of study (Grade 11, 12, Year 1, Year 2, etc ..), and your citizenship.

Can I win a scholarship if I’m NOT a minority, low-income, or of a specific gender?

Yes, many scholarship donors do not care about your race, income level, or gender among many other attributes. 

Each provider wants to help different students for different reasons. 

For example: One scholarship may only select students who win science fairs. Another scholarship may only select students with the highest GPA. A different scholarship may only select students who make the coolest video, and so on.

How and when can I access FundQi?

Click here to access FundQi. Upon registration, be sure to select your school from the "Partner School" section on the plan/payment page.

Real Students that Won Opportunities with FundQi

Alexandra Sullivan
won $1,500 - why unions matter contest
“I really like that FundQi found me an opportunity that allowed me to be creative."
David Oladejo
Won $5,000 + Paid internship - WILLIAM PEYTON AWARD
“Engineering is tough and expensive. FundQi made it easy for me to focus on my studies and pay my tuition this year. Thanks!”
Sarah Jane
won $2,000 - women in business scholarship
“It was so simple because FundQi categorized anentire scholarship roster specific to me.”

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