What is FundQi and why is it good?

If you're reading this, we understand that some students may be concerned about the service we provide.

We claim to be able to help you find and win funding opportunities, which we understand may sound too good to be true.

Read below to let us go further in explaining how our service works and about how we've positively impacted the lives of many.

FundQi Zuberi Attard
A message from our founder and ceo

How it began.

"For me, the story of why I started FundQi is a personal one. I grew up around Toronto,  while in high school, I didn't have much motivation to do anything. I would skip classes, get bad grades, and had no ambition. After years of this poor work ethic, unhealthy lifestyle, and a brief period of homelessness, I was forced to make a change.

I began speaking with a guidance counsellor at school and he suggested I look into scholarships. At first I thought it sounded too good to be true. Someone will give me money for writing an essay?

However, after applying for a few opportunities and winning, things started to change. I realized that scholarships aren't all about getting good grades and being an A+ student. It is, of course, a bonus if you do have good grades, but there are countless opportunities that are rewarded based on other things such as your hobbies, family heritage, gender, religion, race, disabilities, sexual orientation, and so much more.

After experiencing first-hand what scholarships can do and how much they can impact one's life, I couldn't help but want to share this with others and help save other students who may be struggling and going down the wrong path. In 2014, started helping students with 1-on-1 sessions to find scholarships of their own. We would meet up, and I would help them scour the depths of the internet to find unique opportunities for them that do not show up in your typical Google search results. As fellow students began winning and seeing the power of scholarships, demand for the service grew. I knew I had to do something big in order to be able to help a large number of students get the support they need. Students needed an online platform that would help them with this extremely cumbersome process of finding and applying for unique opportunities.

That's why I created FundQi - an online support centre where students can go to seek financial aid through scholarships, grants, and more. Our platform shows students funding opportunities that are unique and relevant to them, and we even go a step further by help them win with application editing and value-packed video lessons from real scholarship winners.

Scholarships changed my life, and they can change yours too."

- Zuberi Attard, CEO & Founder

How our service works.

Our platform works by matching you with funding opportunities that meet your specific requirements.Upon registration, you will be asked various questions related to things such as your hobbies, religion, race, heritage, and more. This information allows our advanced algorithm to match you with the opportunities that are most relevant to you.

Take Sam, for example. Sam has a passion for fishing and the outdoors. Sam would add this information to her profile. There happens to be a scholarship called the "Outdoor Ninja Scholarship" that is awarded to someone who likes fishing and the outdoors. This scholarship is buried in your typical Google search results and would rarely be found by an individual student on their own. This is when our powerful algorithm is put to work, ensuring that the "Outdoor Ninja Scholarship" is easily visible to Sam inside her FundQi dashboard while letting her know this opportunity is perfect for her by automatically rank-ordering the opportunities she is most likely to win.

After our algorithm finds unique opportunities for Sam, we then show her what steps to take before applying to maximize her chances of success. Our "Scholarship Secrets" e-course is packed with value from scholarship winners who have won thousands of dollars in funding. They'll explain to Sam how scholarship donors think and show her how to make sure her application stands out from the crowd.

Once Sam has written her application, she can submit it to our editing team right inside her dashboard. Our team will look over her application and send it back to her with suggestions on edits to improve the quality of her application before submitting it to the donor. Our team knows what donors are looking for - they'll help guide Sam to give her the best chances of success.

We know that getting money for school can seem too good to be true, however, there are countless students just like you who have won funding through scholarships, grants, and bursaries offered by donors across Canada and the world.

With that being said, it's not always easy to find and win these opportunities all on your own. That's why FundQi exists - to help with this process. Since inception, we've helped students win an estimated $1.5M + in funding and that number is constantly growing.

If you have questions about how FundQi works, please do not hesitate to contact us at FundQi@FundQi.com or call 1-866-841-7117.

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